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Don’t settle for someone’s crew! Owner Jimmy Williams will personally be on your property to get the work done properly every time. Get The Tree Guy who has the know-how to best serve you.

The Tree Guy offers a full range of tree services. We cater to commercial, residential and municipal customers. We know how to work efficiently, professionally and safely. Our highly trained crew comes in, gets the job done, cleans up and leaves your property only when you are satisfied. We have the equipment and ingenuity to get even the most challenging tree work done while protecting your most valuable asset, your property, from damage.

Be prepared! Clean up your trees BEFORE the storm. Let us carefully thin and prune your trees before the winds come. Being proactive can save you lots of time, money and damage.

The Tree Guy comes prepared. We have the equipment to get the job done! Bucket Truck, Full Size Bobcat, and Small Bobcat to get into tight quarters, along with trailers to haul away debris leaving your property looking great!

If we can't get our equipment to your tree we have professional tree climbers that climb trees with safety harnesses, ropes and pulleys - We can do it!

We offer many tree services:

Tree Trimming improves both the strength and appearance of your trees and adds value to your property. Proper pruning and trimming facilitates a strong, healthy tree. Removing tree density is crucial to reduce wind resistance and potential property damage

Lansing Island Tree Trim for Palm

Tree Trimming - Low lying limbs and canopies are a hazard to everyone. Whether you are a homeowner, commercial business or a Home Owner's Associations, Tree Guys can take care of your tree trimming needs in Brevard.

Tree Cutting - Cutting down a tree is dangerous. Leave the stress and hazard behind by letting The Tree Guys take care of it for you.

Tree Removal - When a tree just has to come down for safety or construction, we have the equipment and knowledge to remove it with minimal damage to your property and other plants.

Tree Lifting - When the canopy of the trees and low limbs become dangerous to you or the public, we can lift the canopy up to industry standards. Whether a homeowner, business owner, or Home Owner’s Association, we can elevate your trees to eliminate hazards and ensure safety to you and the public. We always clean up the debris!

Stump Grinding - Stumps will be ground down below ground level.

Property Cleanups - Whether a new purchase or a mature overgrown property, we go in, clear, trim, lift and leave the property looking cared for and manicured. You’re the boss! We turn your vision into reality.

Dead Wooding - Removing dead wood prevents insect infestation, rot and disease. Trees add value to your property. Protect your assets and give them the foundation for a long healthy life.

Land clearing - We clear your lot of unwanted vegetation ready for construction.

Lot cleanup - If you lot is overgrown and needs work, we can do it! Firebreaks, tree cleanups and brush removal make your property more visually appealing and safer for surrounding properties from fire damage.

The bigger the tree the bigger the risk for any surrounding buildings. Every year hundreds of people are injured and/or hospitalized for gardening related injuries. This is why it's important to to hire a licensed professional to handles situations like this.

Melbourne's Tree Specialist serving cocoa beach, merrit island and palm bay.

We offer our services at competitive prices. Our team is highly trained, licensed and insured so you can be confident that the job will be performed safely, professionally, and in a timely manner. Our team of dedicated professionals will complete your job quickly and efficiently, and leave your property clean and free of debris.

The Tree Guys has been providing tree services to residents and businesses of Melbourne, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island and surrounding areas for over 10 years.

More on Tree Services

Whether it be creating a brand new landscaped experience or modifying an existing one, trees play a major role in the overall life and feel of your outdoor space. Especially today with the increase in environmental awareness there has been a profound boost to an already growing demand for lush landscapes filled with trees that frame the perfect outdoor setting. As many Floridians know, a well-placed tree can provide some valuable shade that can cool the yard and home during the sunny afternoons of Brevard County.

tree trimmingBut what if trees are overgrowing their space? Brevard Tree Guys' tree trimming, cutting and removal services are affordable, safe and perfect for all types of overgrowth. Fully licensed and insured, tree services are provided without worry. Everything from safety zones to tree health are considered prior to starting a service. Not only does tree maintenance and care clean up the landscape, it also provides the trees with much needed upkeep allowing them to flourish and grow while maintaining proper health.

Picking the right tree to place can be just as hard as removing a troublesome one, so let us help you with all of your planting and removal needs. Providing tree removal and planting services in Melbourne, FL area for over 10 years, we have the necessary experience and care you need to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Choosing a Tree

When choosing a tree it is important to be mindful of space available for the particular tree to mature and grow without crowding the landscape. Although many yards have ample room for smaller trees and shrubs, larger trees, which take longer to mature and ultimately grow, can over time throw an entire outdoor area into disarray by shifting terrain and using up the vital nutrients in the soil. As a result of not planning properly, owners can find themselves in a tough situation having to compensate for stressed plants and shrubs along with an overly crowded landscape that may have looked great at the onset. With us at your side, you can choose from some of the most beautiful arboreal additions to your landscape worry free.

Caring For Your Tree

broken tree limbTrees require care just like any other living thing. The trick is having a professional you trust that can tend to your needs while caring for the health of your trees. Tree care is most effective with a regular trimming, which allows the tree to shed cumbersome and hazardous growth ultimately allowing the tree to flourish. Another benefit to regular maintenance is the added advantage of giving owners the ability to see problems as they arise.

When completing larger maintenance tasks of a tree, it is important to note that dead branches and broken limbs are a hazard to both the tree and public and should receive immediate attention in the way of a tree cutting service. Care should be taken as cutting branches too close could cause additional damage, future breaks or even leave the tree open to disease.

Choosing the Right Service

Tree Guys tree trimming, cutting and removal services are performed with the highest degree of care under the supervision of licensed and insured professionals. Tree Guys are ready to handle all of Brevard County's tree service needs.

24 hour emergency tree service!

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